Beijing, 2014. Photo credit: Justina Chong.

Hello! My name is Jessica. I live in San Francisco 🌉. I work as a software engineer but dabble in many other things, including sewing, drawing, cooking, reading, and writing. I’m identical twins with Justina and an older sister to Jennifer.

I am using the log to capture the things that I make.

Sometimes I’ll submit things to random publications, twiddle my thumbs, and wait for people to decide to publish them. Here’s some of my writing online: The China Charleston (The Anthill, 2014), Capacity (The Adirondack Review, 2010), and The Sea As Paddy (The Columbia East Asia Review, 2009). If you want to go really far back, you can read what I consider to be my MAGNUM OPUS, The Attack of the Clicking Cluck (pdf), which won Third Place in the Ross Morrow Short Story Competition… in 1997.