God gave you a mouth, it’s not just for eating.

I have decided to start recording what I do, if only to convince myself that My Life Is Spontaneous And Fun And Filled With Making And Friends And Love And Other Life Affirming Things. And to post my Critter Sightings. And perhaps to convince my friends that their lives are also interesting and worth writing about! So, here goes.

But before I begin! This is my brilliant friend Sara and Jenni’s wedding weekend and I wish I was in New Orleans celebrating with them but I will unleash myself on them some other time. 🙂 Sara and Jenni, thousands of happinesses to you.

And now I shall recollect this weekend. And the last, too.

This weekend

Saturday: Most of the day I stayed home and started knitting a Baby Bobbi Bear. Recipient TBD (well, I know who the recipient is but I don’t want to ruin the surprise!). If I were to name this bear I would call it Butterbear. I have many ends to sew in (I cry yarn tears). WAIT! This Crying Baby Bobbi Bear that Justina made (it was only in this state for a few minutes I am sure) perfectly captures how I feel about sewing in the ends. 

This is Baby Bobbi Bear’s Alpaca brother that I knitted some time last year as a prototype and now he sleeps with me with Tiger.

I also got some wine crates from Craigslist, which a very nice guy named Ben dropped off with his adorable Boxer, and which Chris will repurpose into planters once we properly waterproof them.

After I knitted most of Butterbear’s torso I went to the Marina for Su’s birthday and died a little bit inside from Marina exposure, but I think I’m OK now because I had good conversations with people.

In the evening Chris and I went to Sunflower for dinner (this and Chez Maman are my favorite restaurants in Potrero Hill), then we went to see a heartbreaking, surreal play at Crowded Fire Theater called You For Me For You by Mia Chung about two sisters in North Korea who are starving. One is ready to out of the past but the other one has a harder time letting go (too many demons) and falls into a well and meets a bear and has to paint leaves green and stuff. But now I wonder: How does starvation and desperation upend reality? How does being full sate us until believing that we are OK?

Today: Went to Sang’s house for a BBQ (Met Ichigo the Shiba! and lots of cool humans too) and stopped by Flora Grubb Gardens again to get succulents and soil and kale and stuff. I made Chris order me a cappuccino from the Ritual Coffee there at 4:59 so that it would still be warm when I got there. (This blog post is Ritual fueled).

On our way home I said to Chris: This feels like Rainbow Conditions, and sure enough, behold:

Here’s Chris repotting a succulent.

And while we are on the topic of DIY, here is a floor lamp that I helped Chris resolder (my first time typing that word) into something shorter so that we can use it in our little gnome house.



Last weekend

On Saturday, Chris and I went to the New Parkway Theater in Oakland to catch a screening of the film Finding Kukan as part of CAAMfest

The filmmaker, Robin Lung, spent seven years trying to unearth the mystery Li Ling-Ai, the uncredited female producer behind the Academy Award-winning movie Kukan, who devoted herself to showing Americans the suffering of the Chinese. This was pretty significant at the time, when there was a lot of anti Chinese sentiment in the US—the Chinese Exclusion Act wasn’t repealed until 1943, and California only repealed anti miscegenation laws banning interracial marriage in 1948.

The most heartbreaking thing about the film was that for years Robin worked three blocks away from Ling-Ai’s house, but Robin only started making the film after Ling-Ai passed away so she never got to talk to her herself! Even in the footage of Ling Ai in her 90s (?) she’s a spirited, candid woman who says what she thinks. I think we could all be a little more like Ling Ai. Robin made some moving remarks about telling stories. As Ling Ai’s mother told her: “God gave you a mouth, it’s not just for eating.”

I tried to talk to Robin afterwards but got too starstruck/tongue-tied to say anything meaningful, OOPS.  So I leave you instead with this grainy, poorly zoomed-in photo taken from my office chair in the balcony of New Parkway.

On Sunday, we headed over to Kirby Cove to celebrate Michael’s birthday after I made Chris eat this for breakfast. Note the SURVIVOR mugs, thanks Kathy and Jim! 😀

Note to selves: Don’t miss the bus.

Highlighter flowers.

Afterwards we went to Flora Grubb Gardens to pick up some plants for our new home. This is the King (Queen?) of Chris’ new happy place.

Oh and here is a video that Facebook reminded me that I posted last year.


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