I’m an April Fool 🐰

Aliens for breakfast? Naw, it’s just me.

Yesterday I went to Kate’s new place in Oakland to join a BBQ. Her roommate set up the yard into this magnificent garden that grows all kinds of food. It even has chickens!

I met Julia’s friend Emma, who’s a chef and teaches cooking who took me around the garden and showed me edible flowers like borage and nasturtium, which are good to have in any garden because they attract bugs (nasturtiums taste like horseradish/arugula). We chomped on the flowers and walked around and she told me all about what plants grow best on a deck. For my own reference: padrone peppers (harvest when they are the size of thumbs), basil, thyme, diva cucumbers, strawberries, arugula, kale, rosemary, cherry tomatoes. And I lay on a hammock and talked to Caroline and Julia, we talked about how it’s so strange and life affirming to have known someone in college and to see what we have all become. We also commiserated over stolen bikes.

Here are the chickens (I imagine their names are Yin and Yang) hanging out:

Today Chris and I went to the Renegade Craft Fair, and I saw Virginie Millefiori again! Her stuff is soooo cute, I got matching popsicle necklaces for me and Justina. They’re understatedly whimsical and I want to buy all.

And I also found art by Naoshi Sunae, who makes the cutest sand art and prints and DIY kits. HER WORK SPOKE TO ME in a way that no one else’s ever has!!! So I bought a bunch of prints and buttons. She has twin sisters too!

These are the prints I got!!!! It’s raining Pockys! Hallelujah! They look like felt but it’s the texture from the sand.

We also got some concrete plant vessel thingies from Concrete Geometric.

Also this week I finished my Baby Bobbi Bear!! Now I must pack it up and send it to its intended recipient. 

I am sad to report that I have not drawn in several weeks, as I have been occupied with binge watching The Americans knitting my bear, but I think I will go back to it because you can never draw too many Wanchai Cats.

Also!! Our crates have been waterproofed and now it’s time for planting. WATCH OUT FOR TROWEL MONSTER!

I am killing the cilantro plant.

What’s he reading?

Oh, it’s only Chris’ annotated copy of Bountiful Container.

Planting Thyme/Time.

Please survive the transplant, plants.

To my one reader (Justina), stay tuned for more plant posts!


3 thoughts on “I’m an April Fool 🐰

  1. now i wish i had an outdoor space to plant some plants, too.did you remember to rabbit rabbit?also don't stop knitting please

  2. The Bobbi bear is so cute. I want to hug it!What plants are you going to grow on your deck? I am very bad at keeping plants alive 😦

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