bread: sourdough no. 2


  • made overnight based on recipe from tartine book
  • unlike sourdough no. 1, i used the correct ratio of whole wheat to all purpose flour
  • skipped making the leaven and fed my starter in the morning (8am)… i had enough (100g) for one loaf.
  • mixed dough, bulk fermented, etc. after work
  • final proof overnight in fridge.
  • baked in AM!


  • put a towel on the wet dough without flouring it. lots of stringy bits ensued.
  • put the dough into the proofing basket seam side down, so that when i transferred it to the dutch oven for scoring and baking, the seam was at the top 😦
  • when i moves the dough from the proofing basket to the dutch oven, i accidentally poured it down the side of the bowl and had to use a spatula to center it
  • scoring is still extremely hard. i keep dragging the dough