bread: sourdough no. 2


  • made overnight based on recipe from tartine book
  • unlike sourdough no. 1, i used the correct ratio of whole wheat to all purpose flour
  • skipped making the leaven and fed my starter in the morning (8am)… i had enough (100g) for one loaf.
  • mixed dough, bulk fermented, etc. after work
  • final proof overnight in fridge.
  • baked in AM!


  • put a towel on the wet dough without flouring it. lots of stringy bits ensued.
  • put the dough into the proofing basket seam side down, so that when i transferred it to the dutch oven for scoring and baking, the seam was at the top 😦
  • when i moves the dough from the proofing basket to the dutch oven, i accidentally poured it down the side of the bowl and had to use a spatula to center it
  • scoring is still extremely hard. i keep dragging the dough

FunBan2019: No Instagram (for me) or videogames (for him) for a week!

Watercolor of Chris playing The Witcher a year ago
Chris playing The Witcher a year ago

My partner Chris and I have challenged ourselves to the impossible this week: No Instagram for me, and no video games for Chris. (For real, though. Bloodborne was giving me nightmares, even though I only caught glimpses of it from the corner of my eye).

How has this FunBan2019 affected us so far?

For Chris, he seems a little more irritable, but he’s getting a lot more reading done!

For me, that means I go to bed an hour or two earlier and that the apartment is a lot tidier. Because what else is there to do?

I always used ~self expression~ as the justification for my Instagramful life. But who was I kidding? In reality, I was just sitting on the floor, scrolling endlessly through pictures posted by the only people who post, then getting up to go to the toilet to continue scrolling through more pictures. I was lurking without even thinking about it. And that made me feel like a huge creep.

So what do I want to do with this blog? Aside from the fact that it’ll distract me from the Instagram-shaped hole in my life, I want to share a little slice of my life with you. Whether you are my twin Justina, my college roomie Anna, Chris, or an Internet stranger, thank you for reading this.

Topics that I may write about:

  • My blood pressure story. 😭
  • How/why I started sewing.
  • How to elope. 10/10 would recommend.
  • Where on earth to begin with sewing.
  • My life. You know, livejournal style, but less angsty. (More angry?)